Let's Go Surfin'

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Decorative painting adds to this bedroom décor by bringing the walls and the surfing theme to life. This idea is perfect for a kid or a teen who loves the ocean.

Laid out on a long board, paddling offshore through warm turquoise swells, you finally spot your wave. Oblivious to the roar of breaking surf and the taste of saltwater, you plunge into a timeless battle of man versus nature on the crest of a 30-foot barrel wave. Gnarly, dude!

From the ’40s through the ’60s, American pop culture celebrated those thrill-seeking, sun-bronzed surfers of Southern California immortalized by surf bands’ spirited lyrics and in dreamy films such as Endless Summer. When challenged with creating a bedroom that captures the energy of the vintage surfing scene, designer Suzi Gregg and decorative painter Jennifer Siemon knew just where to start. The star of their project would be an early surfer’s favorite car, the ash-clad woodie, memorialized by the iconic Beach Boys who sang, “I loaded up my woodie with my boards on top” in the teen anthem “Let’s Go Surfin’.”

In a San Diego home near the beach, Gregg and Siemon faced a long blank wall sorely in need of a focal point. Deciding a flat mural was too tame, Gregg boosted the overall impact with an unexpected twist. She sliced a surfboard in half, then used hidden L brackets and silicone to mount it above the painted woodie as if the board were being carried on a roof rack. “When you take a two-dimensional surface and incorporate something unexpected to make it three-dimensional, suddenly the project can stand alone,” Gregg explains. As a bonus, the surfboard adds functionality as a shelf.

Half a century after the last of these custom-made station wagons rolled off an assembly line, Siemon’s imagination brought a new one to life, complete with details such as the souvenir decals on the windows, proudly applied by the surfers on safari. She created the mural with the same flat interior latex paint applied to the walls. “I wanted the sheen to match and give one uniform look across the wall so the woodie didn’t have a painted-on appearance,” Siemon says.

To expand on the beach motif, Gregg sprinkled the room with rattan, raffia, and bamboo accents. A blue-and-white hibiscus print lends a tropical feel to the bedspread and curtains, which are supported by paddles. Overall, the look is enough to get any surfer dude totally stoked.

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